A well in Nukufetau, Tuvalu, that is too salty to drink from.

Misikata–Nukufetau, Tuvalu


We people of Tuvalu survive by getting fish from the sea, growing plantations crops on the land, and the weather up in the atmosphere as well. As time goes on and new technologies come along, we are now finding problems with our health. Just last year we really faced a devastation of our life and our health because of the drought. That drought started in April 2013 and went on until December. The drought caused the taro plantation, our local taro crops, to fail. The fish died because of the drought. Even the birds in the air hardly sang in daytime. Compared to our olden days we saw birds flying everywhere during daytime. But now during daytime we hardly find any water.

We usually get water from rain. And when we tried to fetch water from our tank, because we store water inside water tanks, it was all empty. We also found the problem that the underground well water was also salty. That made us very devastated. Some of us got sick and went to the hospital and get some medicines, and some were even transferred to the main hospital in Funafuti, the capital.

The drought effected our life, like our livestock, we depend on pigs, are also facing problem by finding food. Coconuts were not bearing fruit. Green nuts all fell down, so it was very hard to find anything to drink. From there we were so lucky that the government gave plenty of distributions of food, rations of food to each of the islands here in Tuvalu. Those foods were from the donations from overseas. Donors from overseas gave bottles of water and those waters were distributed to each island and also into schools by the government of Tuvalu. And from there we can survive. Bit by bit we used those and when we ran out of the ration, the government still provided us with more until we were back again to our normal weather: sunny, warm, and then sometimes rain. Hopefully that whenever we see this we ask for future assistance. Whoever can assist us to deteriorate the problem, so that we can live a normal life and a happy life, and especially to our health.

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