A temple on the road near Chaiyaphum, Thailand.

FARMLAND – Sun – Bangkok, Thailand

Sun–Bangkok, Thailand

The people around here begged me to tell you about the rain problems in my country. Right now you know already, it’s so hot all the time because there is no rain anymore. It’s supposed to be the beginnings of rainy season, but there is no rain. I think the balance of the weathers is changing. Some parts have a lot of rain, but some parts have none.

You can see from the news that some parts of my country right now have a flood because too much rain, but for the farmers, for the agriculture part, there is no rain at all. That is the problem. The people who used to be farmers have to come to Bangkok because they want money and they want work. That’s why they are here. They used to be farmers. But there is no more work because of the weather, so that’s why.

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