My grandparents were farmers. When I was growing up I loved the environment and the trees and the animals. Fresh air. After 15 years I went back to visit my grandparents and I realized that the trees and the water had changed. There are droughts now. They’ve cut everything down. I asked my grandmother, “What happened to the beautiful trees?”
She said, “Oh the government came over and said that they are going to build infrastructure. They took all the land away from us to grow industry. I don’t like it but what else can I do? What can I say about it?”

Since then that place has not been the same. There are bad droughts. The locals find it very hard to get water to drink. The people over there cannot move away and life is very tough. They have to walk 10-15 miles to go to a different farm and then bring all the food back.
When I was a kid we would go swimming in the fresh water. The land was abundant. Right now if you go there, if you know how the place used to be, it’s sad.

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