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Devi Lockwood

YWater has teamed up with poet and storyteller, Devi Lockwood to share stories about water and the impact it has on people’s lives. Devi is a poet, touring cyclist and storyteller traversing the world by bicycle, on a mission to record 1,001 human stories on water climate change.


Devi’s journey began with the September 21, 2014 People’s Climate March in NYC. To date, she has collected over 700 stories in the U.S.A, Fiji, Tuvalu, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Qatar, Morocco, the U.K., Canada, China, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. She loves places where rivers meet the sea.


In order to really understand the impact that water has on our lives you have to go out there and talk to people and understand things first hand. As a part of the YWater pledge, we ask you to collect stories on water from your local communities.


You can record their stories and share them as text, audio, video or a combination of these mediums. Submit your stories to ywaterindia@gmail.com. If you think you want some tips on how to collect these stories – read Devi’s suggestions here.

My grandparents were farmers. When I was growing up I loved the environment and the trees and the animals. Fresh air. After 15 years I went back to visit my grandparents and I realized that the trees and the water had changed. There are droughts......

Water and climate change are totally interrelated here, as I guess they are everywhere. As a country we are going along a very clear path towards maximizing agricultural production. Our government has decided that it wants to double agricultural production in the next decade or......

Sun––Bangkok, Thailand The people around here begged me to tell you about the rain problems in my country. Right now you know already, it’s so hot all the time because there is no rain anymore. It’s supposed to be the beginnings of rainy season, but......

DROUGHT & FLOOD We people of Tuvalu survive by getting fish from the sea, growing plantations crops on the land, and the weather up in the atmosphere as well. As time goes on and new technologies come along, we are now finding problems with our......

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